Job Safety

 At ERKAN RAF, we will be open to Continuous Improvement to catch up with the change and become great

Occupational health and safety is the responsibility of all ERKAN RAF employees.
Responsibilities and powers will be shared among all of our employees to comply with laws, regulations, and other occupational health and safety requirements.
Occupational health and safety at ERKAN RAF is as important as our other business goals.
All accidents can and should be avoided.
There is always a safer way to do each job.
In ERKAN RAF; Training is always essential to effectively implement the OHSAS 18001 standard and to create and develop an awareness of individual responsibility on health and safety at work issues.
At ERKAN RAF, all kinds of internal and external welds; It will be used in the most precise and profitable way and will be continuously improved in order to provide an efficient, safe and healthy working environment, to make communication efficient, to increase the individual performance of employees and to reward knowledge and Success.


To comply with environmental legislation in our country and to ensure its current, to provide measurable continuous improvement in any area related to the environment, to determine environmental dimensions, to identify the types and losses of environmental impacts, to minimize pollution and waste To reduce the environmental impact of our hazardous waste and to provide a berme as a minimum,

To provide continuous training to employees and subcontractors and to encourage them to implement these principles,

In this respect, by determining the objectives of the review each year to explain the progress, in light of these principles to continuously improve our environment management system. 

These principles will be publicly disclosed by using the communication facilities and open to public opinion. 

Management will continuously pursue the implementation of the environmental policies and objectives that it has committed.


ERKAN RAF, uses advanced technology and modern engineering solutions in the market and storage shelf systems industry, has adopted the principle of providing reliable, hassle-free service to its customers with its expert executive staff and staff. 

The team spirit is the basis of our quality, our employees who have embraced and worked with dedication. The continuity of our quality is our meticulous work and the service we offer. 

We  applying continuous improvement, the customer satisfaction is our first target, to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management system standard and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our "Quality Policy "