About Us


  • 1 Factory
  • 13500 Production Area
  • 75 Personal

 Erkan Raf is a shelf manufacturer who can offer different alternatives in terms of quality and durability Since 1977, aesthetically by combining its advanced technology system with its experienced staff. The rack systems manufactured by Erkan Raf are multi-purpose and easy to install. It can be easily removed and installed. Erkan Raf offers commercial products (Supermarkets, Hardware Stores, Vending Machines, Charcuteries, Bijouteries, Garment stores, etc.) and more suitable for different commercial sectors, shelving systems, stands and benches are produced by us. We continue to work for the best and the most perfect with your appreciation and support. Our factory building in Gebze Şekerpınar is at your service with its 7750 m2 workshop , 5400 m2 open area and 500 m2 store.


The fulfillment of the mission also depends on the determination of the right strategies.

At Erkan Raf, our mission is to be close and with our customers. be honest with them, keep their promises and gain their trust.

To be an approved solution partner with our customers and to develop new projects continuously.

Not only to meet the needs of the customer, but to support them with new solutions that will open new horizons.

We always care about our customers.

To establish an experienced and educated staff in order to achieve our goals and to create human resources policies that will enable our employees to have high performance and provide continuous productivity.


 At Erkan Raf our vision today and in a near futur in shelf and storage system industry is to be the first company that come in mind, with our 40 years of experience we never compromising our goal to be one of the most important company in that sector in Turkey. That vision Although  is not an unattainable target for us, we believe it as both managers and employees. Acting in this direction gives us strength as managers and employees, while providing confidence within our customers.